Can’t get enough Daily Hype? We hear you!

We’re thrilled to offer our Daily Hype Energy Drink Mix you love in convenient stick packs!


Our Daily Hype stick packs come with 15 sticks per pack and are perfect for taking on the go! Just add a stick to your tumbler or water bottle and you’re ready to tackle whatever your day brings! This is a great opportunity for everyone to try Daily Hype and for PROs to use at shows and events. (PROs just make sure you check with the rules of your event before providing samples!)


Same Great Watermelon Flavor!

The delicious watermelon flavor is just the right mix of sweet, but not too sweet— just like a ripe watermelon!


Helps Clear Your Mind and Stay Focused*

Sometimes your best advantage is an alert mind. The natural source of caffeine derived from green coffee beans provides that burst of energy and mental alertness that your day demands.*


Sustained Energy for Hours*

Daily Hype Energy Drink Mix won’t give you a surge now just so you crash a little later. The B-vitamin mix, featuring B-12, gives your body what it needs for ongoing support for hours to help you keep pushing ahead.*


Shop Now!

Daily Hype stick packs come with 15 sticks per pack and are available for just $27 when you shop your PROs site and $22.50 per pack with a subscription. Don’t have a PRO? We can help! 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.