Whether flying solo, with another person, or in a group, safety should always be the number one priority. Unfortunately, in most countries and on most airlines, pepper spray and stun devices are not available to be carried even in a checked bag. What are we left, then, to bring with us on trips overseas or across the border? We at Damsel want to ensure your safety first by providing the following items that are certified TSA and airline friendly and can be brought overseas. 

The items marked with an asterisk (*) were personally brought and tested overseas on a personal trip to London, England and Dublin, Ireland by one of our Damsel staff members.. All our products are also extensively tested before being released on our line.

Blaire Necklace *

An elegant and innovative accessory, the Blaire seamlessly blends fashion with functionality. This exquisite necklace is designed to keep you safe and stylish, making it an indispensable addition to your jewelry collection. This stylish accessory comes with a loud whistle for emergencies, offering you peace of mind and a powerful layer of protection. Our Blaire is available in gold or silver to meet your preference. While our team member never had to use the Blaire, she noted that it was the perfect addition to all of her outfits from her jeans with long sleeve shirts to her gorgeous, going-out dresses.

The Blaire, along with this traveler’s personal necklace for a further layered look, being sported on a lovely Dublin day.

Barbara Ring*

Even though the Sock It Slim is notoriously taken by the TSA, the Barbara Ring can legally pass through with no issues. Available in both gold and silver platinum plated 925 silver, this adjustable ring features a twist-off rose that reveals a striking barb, providing you with a discreet yet effective self-defense tool.

Hush Hush Brush Diversion Safe

Not only practical but functional as well, our diversion keepsake is perfect for storing away cash, jewelry, or any other valuables on your vacation. This along with our Travel Size Sassy Spray ensures your valuables are blended in and kept away from prying eyes and hands. We recommend this product for group traveling, hostel stays, and small day excursions such as a beach day.

Bella Belt Bag *

Nervous about pick-pocketers? The Bella Belt Bag has you covered by offering a secure belt-style strap to be worn crossbody and zippers that are perfectly placed to give the most peace of mind regarding your items. No more zip-typing the cross-body to you! While in London, all tour guides warn their groups to be leery of pick-pocketers and complemented our staff member on being prepared with a secure cross-body bag that was adorned with the Hear a Pin Drop for this traveler’s peace of mind.

“The Bella Belt Bag goes perfectly with the view of the Tower Bridge and the addition of the Hear a Pin Drop added to my peace of mind while taking a Vintage Bus Tour.”

Step Off Portable Entry Alarm *

This product is perfect for hotel, air bnb, inn, or private room hostel stays as it fits with any door or on any window! The 5”x1.75”x2” size means it fits perfectly in your luggage without being a hindrance or taking up too much souvenir space.

Looking for something for the kids to keep them busy?

Look no further than our Family Education line! Our wide variety of books allows a screen-free travel option perfect for road trips or contact a Damsel Safety Educator near you for coloring pages of your kids’ favorite characters. We recommend the following books that can relate to travel as well: 

All-Star Dugout Dreams 

  • A coercion “kid-versation” 
  • Teach your child how to navigate coercion so they are prepared to say “no” while traveling 

Becca’s Best Friend 

  • A coercion “kid-versation” 
  • Teach your child how to navigate coercion so they are prepared to say “no” while traveling 

Need help finding the best alternative travel protection? Look no further and contact a Damsel Safety Edcuator here today!