First Monday in October

In the United States, the first Monday in October is recognized as National Child Health Day. This National day observes the important care and guidance that is needed for healthy children.


Physically children need doctor’s appointments, healthy diets, and adequate sleep. But did you know it is also extremely important to take care of children’s mental health? Kids can not always control what they are exposed to, and that is why it is crucial to have tough conversations with your kids about these sticky situations.


Sharing Awareness for Family Empowerment!

SAFE Hearts stands for Sharing Awareness for Family Empowerment. This family education line is designed to help adults and children navigate the most important, yet difficult conversations; to empower children to take ownership over their own hearts and bodies, raise their awareness, and give them the ability to protect themselves against anyone who may try to harm them.


Our SAFE Hearts educational product line focuses on prevention just as much as it does on healing and restoration.

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