Fighting human trafficking is the core of the Damsel mission.

In 2013 our founder Mindy was exposed to sex trafficking when she witnessed a child—the very same age as her own daughter—sold into trafficking by her father. It was at that moment Mindy committed to using Damsel in Defense as a platform to fight for children being exploited by their own families no matter where they live.

Since then Mindy and her husband Jimmy have made multiple trips and adopted two homes in two different countries where girls are being rescued and given a future of hope free from being sold.

Aside from our mission on US soil, the Damsel House Project remains Damsel’s most important contribution to this world. The vision for the Damsel House Project is to grow the company to a point that Damsel can fund a rescue home in 11 countries.


To this day, we’ve rescued 517 girls and given $574,415.00 to the Damsel House Project.

In addition, 25 cents from every bottle of our Protect & Fortify Wellness line funds the rescue of children from sex trafficking. Talk to your PRO today about how you can join us or help support our mission.