As we all know, Spring is here which also means Spring Break is coming! One of the most anticipated times for all students but mostly college-age students. For college kids, Spring Break normally means trips, parties, hanging out with friends which is all a blast! But this time of year can also be a very dangerous one if you are not practicing safety while on vacation! Here are some tips to keep in mind this Spring Break!

1. Protect Your Location

Though it is fun to share things on social media, sometimes giving too much information about where you are or what you’re doing can be a big mistake! Remember to try not to overshare too many details.

2. Arrive & Leave With Friends

The saying is true, there is safety in numbers! When you are out it is very important to keep the rule of leaving with who you came with. Always have a plan in place for if you get separated. Remember to keep an eye on each other in crowded areas or busy events.

3. Have at Least a Little Cash

You do not need to keep a lot on you, but at least $20-$50 can be helpful in an emergency or if you were to lose your card.

4. Bring a Form of Personal Protection

Whether it is a pepper spray, personal alarm, striking tool, or even stun device, it is important to have something with you! If you happen to be in an emergency situation you will be grateful you were prepared!

5. Be Aware of Where You Are

You may think that you won’t need to know what is located around you, but in the case of an emergency, it would be extremely helpful. At least take the time to look up hospitals or other important addresses located near you. You can even write the addresses down for emergency situations.

6. Do Your Research Beforehand

It is extremely important to go into your vacation with a good plan in place. Take the time before your travels to look up the area you are headed to and make a list of things you want to see, places you want to eat, and anything else you can think of!

7. Up Your Awareness Level

While traveling, especially alone, it is extremely important to stay aware of your surroundings. Being mindful of exits, the strangers around you, and what people in your group are doing can be critical in an emergency situation.