Though today is national Situational Awareness Day, it is important to keep situational awareness on your mind every day! We wanted to share some tips to keep you situationally aware while you are on the go!


Parking Lot/Garage:

Unfortunately, parking garages are a common scene for attacks, it is important to always be on guard while you are in these locations! Scan the area, be aware of cars that are running, and be aware of people around you. Have your pepper spray in your hand and unlocked with your thumb on the trigger. Or your stun device in your hand, disable pin around your wrist and turned on with your thumb on the trigger. 


At Home: 

Even though we all want our homes to be the safest place for us, sometimes attackers use that to their advantage. Stage your home with personal protection items so you won’t be caught without protection. A Sock It Slim above the doorway, Striking Distance on your nightstand, a Hear A Pin Drop in a child’s bedroom. These are just a few ideas!


Trust your Intuition:

That “gut feeling” might just save your life! This clue is one of the most reliable because the body is able to detect stimuli long before we have consciously put the pieces together. Always encourage your child to listen to their gut as well. 

By knowing these tips you could safe yourself or someone else in a dangerous situation. Be sure to be aware at all times and ready to protect yourself in any situation. Do you carry personal protection? If not, you can find a Damsel Pro today to get you equipped!