Our Flip Shot pepper spray is larger and sprays farther! It’s your easy-to-use defense device that won’t let you down— even in the worst-case scenarios.

Designed with a flip-top, you won’t have to worry about accidental discharge, hand placement or inadvertently spraying yourself.

Plus, 4x the pepper spray means 4x the protection for you—even from multiple threats. And with a full 2 oz. of pepper spray—that’s 4x the amount of pepper delivered in less time. Unlike single-use pepper sprays, you can use this 2 oz. pepper spray more than once. 

  • Flip-top safety cover
  • Ergonomic grip for better aim
  • Quick-release/one-hand operation
  • More UV marking dye
  • Intense 1.45% MC formula
  • 2 MILLION SHU (so it really brings the heat!)
  • 7 seconds of continuous spray
  • Instant effect on attackers—even on those under the influence
  • Can be used for multiple threats
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Won’t cause permanent injury
  • Lab-tested
  • Water-based
  • Made in the USA

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