Each day, Americans spend an average of about an hour in their vehicle every day! You may not think much about the time that you spend in your car each day or even about your safety while you are in the car, but it is actually very important to consider the threats that are out there in car situations. Here are 3 ways you can practice vehicle safety! 


1. Gas Stations – While you are getting gas, you probably do not think much about what could be going on around you. It is extremely important to be aware of your surroundings while pumping gas! 


Some precautions you can take are locking your car doors while you are out of the vehicle. This can keep someone from entering a door on the opposite side of the car from you. You can also keep a Little Ringer or Protected Pepper Spray in your pocket while you are out of your vehicle to be prepared if someone were to approach you! 


2. Shopping – We have all headed back to our vehicle with hands full of shopping bags and placed them in the back of our car. But have we all been aware of what is happening behind us when we turn our backs? It is crucial to be on high alert of your surroundings when you are in any situation like this! 


You can have personal protection handy by having a Pepper Slay Pepper Spray attached to your keychain in your hand or even hanging a Sock It Slim Striking Tool in your trunk area or back seat for easy access!


3. Stop Signs – There is nothing better than warm weather and cruising around with your windows down! Have you ever thought of how easy it would be for someone to get into your vehicle when you approach stop signs or lights? This is a terrifying thought but unfortunately, this happens more often than it should. 

You can be prepared for something like this by not setting your purse on your passenger seat and keeping personal protection in your console for quick access.


The most important piece of all of these scenarios is to be aware of your surroundings! Trust your instincts when something does not seem right and always keep your personal protection near you!

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