By investing in personal protection, you’re taking an important step in staying safe and protecting yourself from outside threats. And, in the event of an emergency, just showing your pepper spray can be a deterrent in itself. However, in the event you need to use your pepper spray against an attacker, you want to be sure it works and is 100% effective.

It’s important that you don’t let your pepper spray expire. Follow our 5 FAQs so you can ensure your pepper spray always has your back!


  • Check the expiration date on your pepper spray. Don’t see a date? You most likely need to replace your pepper spray.
  • We offer several types of affordable pepper spray, if you don’t see your Damsel pepper check out our other styles.
  • Pepper Spray on our site, you should update to a newer model to ensure you have the best pepper on you at all times.
  • Expired pepper can be defective! Not only could it not work properly, but your expired pepper may not be as potent, shoot as far, or even discharge!
  • Your PRO can help you get your refill and switch out your pepper.