We bet you didn’t know October 10th was deemed National Handbag Day! The term “Handbag” was dubbed in early 1900’s, however, the first known purse dates back much, much farther. As you can imagine, the styles have changed greatly over the centuries, and handbags are now used for everything from carrying makeup and keys to personal protection items, including concealed protection.


We can’t let this fun day pass us by without giving a shout-out to one of our fave handbags, the Covert Kari Purse!


With ample space for all your must-haves, this chic tote also allows easy access to your concealed personal protection. Plus, with 7 multi-sized pockets—yes, we said SEVEN!— with a concealment pocket for both left- and right-hand use.


And, if you love the Covert Kari Purse, then stay tuned for our new product release coming October 12th.  Yes, you read that right too! 

Get yours today in Sapphire Blue or Kelly Green for just $70 when you shop your PROs site.

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