August means that summer is coming to a close and schools are opening back up for the year! You have probably bought all the school supplies and packed up the backpacks, but have you thought about all the safety tips you should consider when getting your kids back into school? Here are some great tips to keep in mind for parents and students!


Safety Tips to Keep in Mind!

  • Always pay attention to your surroundings in the school drop-off line. 
    • Obey all speed limits and always stop for school buses unloading children. 
    • Avoid using your cell phone while driving in a school zone. 
  • Prepare your students to ride the bus. 
    • Go to the bus stop with them, and be there to pick them up. 
  • If your student is walking to school, prep them on “stranger danger”. 
    • Walk the path to school with them a couple of times, if you are able, walk it every day with them. 
    • Establish safe areas, either a neighbor’s house or a nearby police station that they can go to in case your child gets locked out or needs help.
  • Supply your child with emergency numbers. 
    • Send them with your child in their backpack or planner and have them easily accessible at home. Just in case they get home before anyone else and are alone. 
  • Prepare your students with scenarios that can occur with adults or other students. 
    • Reading the SAFE Hearts books is a great way to prep children on tricky situations. 
  • Be smart about what you post on social media. Don’t over-share your child’s information and school details. 
  • Talk to your kids about not accepting rides from strangers. 
  • If you are picking your student up from school, set ONE spot that you will be in every day. Make sure this spot is visible from the door. If you are not in that spot, your student knows not to leave yet.

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