Here are 5 ways you can use our personal protection items in your home:
  1. Secure your doors and windows with the Step Off Portable Alarm. When you suction to a window or place it under your door a 120-decibel alarm will sound to alert you and deter a would be an intruder if someone were to open your window or door.
  2. Use the Hang Up, a Universal Product Mount to stage a Sock it Slim Striking Tool in your bathroom. Since there’s only one way out of a bathroom it’s crucial to have protection within arms reach if ever needed.
  3. Stash a Little Ringer Stun Device in your nightstand drawer. This way it’s hidden and no one will see it, but you can sleep peacefully knowing if you need it you can easily access it.
  4. Stage a Holla His Personal Alarm under your kid’s pillow at night so they can pull the alarm to alert you if they need help or assistance.
  5. Place the Sassy Spray Diversion Keepsafe under your bathroom sink to hide other personal protection products or important items that you want to keep hidden.

Be protected and prepared in every room of your home by staging your personal protection items for easy access in case of an emergency. Think of where you and those you love most are often found in your home. Now ask yourself how much distance is there between you and your personal protection should there be an intruder. Is your protection close enough to protect you and your loved ones?

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