Halloween is a great night for kids and adults alike; however, during this time, we need to be cautious of spooky season threats. That is why we have provided a list of some safety tips to keep your kids of all ages as well as yourself safe during this activity-packed holiday.

How to Protect Your Young Kids:

We understand that getting your child to wear a jacket over their Halloween costume can be the most intense battle you have ever experienced; they do not want to ruin their costume but you want to look out for them so they do not freeze or catch a cold. Of course, this can also be the same way with some safety precautions. Therefore, we have compiled some tips below on how to best keep your child safe in a way they will love.

  • Add glow-in-the-dark paint or reflective tape to all candy carrying buckets or bags.
  • Attach a Hear A Pin Drop to your child’s bucket, bag, or belt loop.
    • This personal alarm comes in fun colors to match your kid’s costume.
    • For extra protection, attach a Hear Me Out Personal Alarm which will send an alert to your phone if the alarm is set off. This is perfect for your older kiddos!
  • Suggest a brightly colored costume.
    • Dark colors are hard to see and most kids hate to “ruin” their costume with reflective tape, so instead suggest they go as a brightly colored character or animal for the night! This can also help them stand out from a crowd.
  • Prevent and prepare with our Safe Hearts collection.
  • Create a boundary.
    • Make sure your kids know to only be so many feet from you and ensure you take a picture of them in their costume, not to post on social media, but in the event you are separated and need an updated photo to show neighbors.
  • Teach your kids to pay attention to porch lights.
    • If the porch light is off, then they do not want your child knocking for candy!
  • Don’t fuel along the way.
    • Candy should be inspected before being consumed. The best way to keep your kid from consuming unknown candy is to feed them a nutritious and very filling dinner before Trick or Treating and to bring candy from home during the event.

How to Keep Your Older Kids Safe:

Older kids, specifically late middle school to college aged kids, no longer need the same Trick-or-Treat protection as younger kids. Now is the time for fun friend outings and scary movie nights; however, bad things can still happen. Hopefully, they’ll love these easy-going protection tips and products below.

  • Whether she is a gold or silver jewelry girl, your daughter will love our Blaire Necklace. This is perfect to blend into any costume and there is no chance of losing it throughout the night.
  • Pair Up! Going out on Halloween night is much more fun with friends anyway.
  • Wallet killing the vibe? No problem! Add a Call Back RFID Wallet to your costume. With RFID technology, this will protect them from getting their information stolen.

How to Keep Yourself Safe:

Whether you are going to a neighborhood party with your kids, staying in with your pets, or rocking the party with your best homemade costume, you need extra protection! Use these tips below to be protected, no matter your plans for the evening.

  • Don’t leave a spare key under a rock, in a hide-a-key, or anywhere that a key could be found. Instead, give a spare to a trusted friend or family member.
  • Hold any loose items, such as a key or a spare hair tie (we have all been there) in an ARMee Band. This band is skin-tight but not uncomfortable, so you can jump around all night without worry of it slipping out from under your costume!
  • If you are home, make sure you keep your porch well-lit and ensure you check to see who knocked before opening the door.
  • Don’t worry about Ghost face or Freddy Kruger ruining horror movie night with the Step Off Portable Entry Alarm on your windows and doors! This alarm will blare out 120-decibels to let you know it’s time to grab your staged Safety Bundle and get out!

Interested in learning more about the products, purchasing the products above, hosting a party, or connecting with someone to inquire about joining our mission? Find a Damsel Safety Educator near you!