The holiday season is in full swing and we know you are busier than ever! There is nothing more special than getting to spend the holidays with your loved ones. We, along with your loved ones, want you to be able to make it there safely! 


Are you headed home for the holidays? Here are 5 safety tips to get you there safely! 


1. The Buddy System: We get it, this one is not doable for everyone. But, if you can, try to travel with a buddy or a group! Try to take one vehicle or mode of transportation or at least aim to leave around the same time and stick together at stops! If you are at college, try to find a friend that is headed in the same direction as you! 

2. Keep in Contact: Make sure to keep in contact with your loved ones while you are traveling. Updating family members on your stops or even sharing your location with them can be crucial in the case of an accident or dangerous situation. It can also help to keep your loved ones in the know about your whereabouts and their nerves at ease knowing you are on the way! 

3. Have the Right Tools: Make sure your vehicle is equipped with the right tools for your travels! Do you have the items to repair a flat tire? What about the tools for a jump start? Having a car emergency kit like the Junk In The Trunk or a roadside emergency tool like the Road Trip on hand is important since you cannot anticipate the issues you might run into! 

4. Staying the Night?: Don’t be afraid to pull over and find a hotel for the night if you are on a long trip and feeling tired. It is safer to rest and take a break than to carry on throughout the night! Make sure to pack extra lock options for your hotel door for an added layer of protection! We bring the Locked Down and Step Off with us when we travel! 

5. Stay Fueled Up!: Don’t let your tank hit E! Even if you are just under half of a tank, make sure to stop at the rest stops when you come across them and fuel up. You never know when you will hit the next one! Keep yourself fueled as well with snacks and liquids! Pack an extra energy drink!! 


On top of all of this, make sure you are taking extra safety measures while you are traveling by carrying your personal protection items with you! And if you don’t have any, check out our site here to get equipped

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