Parents, teachers, friends … we’re not sure who is more excited about heading back to school! However, after a year of work or study from home, going back to school can be a little stressful as well as exciting!

If your child or someone you know is headed back to the classroom, give them a gift of encouragement and well-being with Damsel in Defense personal protection products. Not only will they give your student peace of mind, but their parents, too! Plus, these styles are spot-on and the sizes are just right to keep things safe this school year.

Little Ringer and Pepper Sprays

Unique gifts like our Little Ringer and Pepper Sprays are great for keeping them safe on- and off-campus. From late-night study sessions to weekend getaways, having a stun device or pepper spray gives students an extra level of protection. And, in some instances, just having these on hand can be a deterrent without ever having to use them.

Sock it Slim

In addition to the stun devices and pepper sprays, our Sock It Slim striking device is great for stashing in your bag, car or on your keyring and increases the power of any defensive strike in the event of an attack.

Hear a Pin Drop

Our Hear a Pin Drop and Step Off are ready to sound the alarm when you need it. With a 120-decibel alarm, LED light, and keychain, the Hear a Pin Drop easy-to-pull alarm is perfect for when they’re on the go.

Step Off Alarm

Last but not least, our Step Off Portable Entry Alarm provides personal security regardless of their location. Plus, it goes anywhere they do for the perfect travel mate. And, if someone tries to open their door or window, Step Off will sound a 120-decibel alarm to wake them and scare off an intruder.

And while we love these gifts for back to school, they make amazing gifts for teachers and grads too!