October has been deemed Cybersecurity Awareness Month! This awareness month was created to bring up the conversation of cyber security and how important it is at this time. 


Americans are more reliant on the internet than ever before. “Overall, 85% of Americans say they go online on a daily basis.” This statistic has risen over the years and will continue to rise! This brings up the point that identity protection is essential but also that there is so much more we have to protect than just our identity. 


This month we would like to highlight one of our products that not many know about! We have carried Digital Defense since 2015 and it has continued to make a huge impact on our customer’s daily life and how they use the internet. In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we wanted to share more information on this valuable product. 


There are a couple of different options with Digital Defense, below are the three features that are included in Digital Defense that can also be purchased ala carte:

Identity Theft Protection

We offer one of the most complete identity theft protection plans available today. iDefend, powered by INVISUS, gives you all the essentials of protection you need to defend yourself and your family against the latest threats from identity thieves and cyber-criminals.

You get protection against all types of ID theft including Social Security number theft, credit fraud, bank account fraud, tax fraud, medical benefits theft, criminal records fraud, and much more.

Computer Protection & Tech Support

Ever wish you had access to a team of certified computer techs that you could call whenever you had a question or problem with your computer–without having to pay every time you wanted help? How about having experts help keep hackers off your computer, and do a full security checkup as often as needed?

Look no further. Damsel in Defense has partnered with INVISUS to bring you the industry-best computer security and tech support services at big discounted rates. Don’t let your computer problems or security nightmares give you any more headaches or waste your time!

Social Media Monitoring

The world really is watching. With sites like Facebook and Instagram, we can expose too much information or the wrong information if we aren’t careful. Social media sites have also become the playground for predators and thieves. Parents must now be vigilant with their kid’s online activities to protect against cyberbullying and other threats and to monitor for references of drugs/alcohol, and violence, as well as predators looking for their next victim.

Damsel in Defense has partnered with INVISUS to bring you the MySocialGuardian program to help you monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for dangerous or suspicious activity that can put you and your family at risk.

All of these features are amazing on their own, but if you are interested you can purchase them all together!

Don’t have a PRO to shop with? We can help you find one!