Situational Awareness Day may have already come and gone, (it was September 26th), but these valuable tips are vital for staying aware of your surroundings each and every day! In fact, having Situational Awareness is your first line of defense.  

Tips for Staying Safe: Everywhere, Everyday   

  1. Be present when you are out and about.
  2. Keep your phone within reach, but not in your face.
  3. Scan and stay aware of your surroundings by keeping your head on a swivel.
  4. Take note of who and what you see around you.
  5. Know your exits and plan how you can safely leave should you need to.
  6. Remind yourself that being prepared is not being paranoid!
  7. Think through how you will react should someone try to harm you.
  8. Carry self-defense items that are easy to access and think through how you would use them. 
  9. Send a message that you are a force to be reckoned with. 
  10. Stand tall, confidently & alert to show you are NOT an easy target.


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