Safety should always be a top priority of ours – so why do we often neglect our safety by not learning what some popular safety mistakes are and learning how to combat them? This Education Opportunity offered by our Stunning Damsel Safety Educators covers some popular safety mistakes and the best ways to combat them.

Featured Products:

Some featured products for this month include our Build a Bundle, which includes some of our most popular products! The Little Ringer featured is perfectly paired with our stylish Arm Candy, which has a built-in disable pin for easy transportation. The Pepper Slay allows you to keep a safe distance between you and an attacker, while the Sock It Slim is designed as a helpful hands-on tool. You can also alert others with the Hear a Pin Drop personal alarm with an LED flashlight! 

You will also want to hear about a limited time sale, so be sure to contact your Damsel Safety Educator this month for more information! 


Sneak Peek:

Feeling curious on what exactly you will learn in an Education Opportunity Presentation? We would be too! Here are some sneak peak points on what you’ll learn from a Damsel Safety Educator: 

  • Direct Commands and how to use them.
  • Shocking Statistics- How long does it really take to deploy a pepper spray?
  • Layers- Not just for changing of seasons.
  • Can you truly overcome a Freeze response?
  • Best products to stage around your home.

Interested in hosting a party or event to learn more about this Education Opportunity or interested in purchasing products? Click the link below to find a Damsel Safety Educator near you! 

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