Our new Hang Up is perfect for keeping your personal protection close at hand in the event of an emergency. After all, no one knows when they will be faced with a threat, so being prepared is your first line of defense.

Use your Hang Up to…

  1. Secure your Sock It Slim under your desk.
  2. Hang your Pepper Spray by the door.
  3. Hook your Call Back to your dash.
  4. Hold your protection inside your car.
  5. Keep your pepper spray by the shower.
  6. Hang your protection by your nightstand.
  7. Use as a key rack with Hear a Pin Drop or Holla.
  8. Hang Leaf Me Alone and Pearls of Wisdom necklaces for easy wear.
  9. Hold Pocket Brooke and Slim Shelly.
  10. Keep your Arm Candy and Bling It Up next to your Stun Device.

Talk to your Damsel Pro about how you can get a Hang Up of your own for just $12. Best of all, they come two to a pack to help you stage your personal protection where you need it most.

Don’t have a PRO? We can fix that!